There is no single ‘correct’ format for a personal statement, but the following formulaic structure is probably the most effective:

1) Begin with why you want to study your course. Why are you interested in it? What sparked your interest? You could also explain why it is important to study it. Who or what will benefit from you studying your subject?
2) Your next paragraph should be on the skills your A-Levels or high-school qualifications have given you and how these will help you to study at university. You can focus on research skills, maths and using equations, working independently or in a team … make sure you give examples as you go along.
3) Next, you should write a paragraph about your jobs, internships and extra curricular activities and how these can help you at university. For instance, communication and organisational skills are going to be key at university so explain how your extra curricular activities have helped you develop these skills.
4) And finally, round it all off with a paragraph that sums up why you are for applying for your particular course, why you are a good fit for that course and/or what you will achieve by studying that course. Make this different from the first paragraph, perhaps give more of a personal reasons.

Check out our example personal statements: