The internet’s optimal allocation of economics jokes.

We’ve cheekily gathered inspiration for these jokes from all across the World Wide Web, with no referencing. As they say:

“To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal ideas from many is research.”


Assumptions can be very dangerous … especially when they are made by an economist!!


Some classic jokes about the dismal science.

Economics Valentines

Is your other half an economist? Try busting some of these one liners on Valentine’s day, you’re sure to get a reaction!!


What happens if you put two economists together at a party? You get some terrible jokes!!


What is the worst punishment in Hell?

Hot Air Balloon

What happens when you take a hot air balloon ride with an economist?

Hunting Economists

If you’re going to hunt some economists in Washington DC, here are the rules …

Lightbulb Jokes

Lightbulb jokes, with an economics twist … get it? Because you twist a lightbulb … (tumble weeds blowing in the wind)

Lost Keys

How would a macro economist search for his keys?